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About Us

Welcome to Cayshome, we are a home department store sales website. With years of experience and technical accumulation, we provide various high-quality products and professional services, from sales, customer service consulting, transportation to after-sales service.

With our extensive product diversity, we are one of the excellent department store sales websites, with patient customer service, reliable delivery partners, and comprehensive after-sales service. We can sell both single products and multiple products, placing orders in unlimited quantities, only bringing strong reliability and satisfaction to all customers.

Our goal is to establish long-term relationships with customers. We position ourselves as customer service personnel. Provide every step of consulting, product explanation, and after-sales service for customers.

We constantly search for the best designers from around the world to optimize the aesthetics and quality of our products. Our patient customer service personnel strive to provide high-quality service to customers and become the world leader in the department store sales industry.

All of our products are made with strict selection of high-quality materials, ensuring unparalleled durability and safety standards. Please refer to the product details for the specific materials of each product.

Our task is to provide you with high-quality, modern, innovative, and functional home furnishings. Our vision is to provide modern daily life solutions for families around the world and make their lives easier through our home furnishings.

We know how to achieve our goals or win the hearts of our customers. We are trustworthy. We know what you need and we will deliver it to you.